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About us

We are working to launch our new wicked website, in the mean time please navigate through this page for more information.

Witches In Britches has been entertaining audiences for over 26 years. You can find our Wicked Castle on the corner of King and Dudley streets in Melbourne, just across the road from beautiful flagstaff gardens.
Ph: (03) 9329 9850
E: enquiries@witchesinbritches.com.au
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If you would like to check out our venue before making a booking, please feel free to click on the button below for a complete walk through
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The Show

Entertaining crowds for over 40 years now, Witches In Britches presents their new premium 3-course menu and live comedy show "My Big Fat Witch Wedding"!
This story reminds us that the love of your life could be just next door!

My Big Fat Witch Wedding tells the story of Jack O'Lantern and our Witch, Ostara Sky. The story begins at their wedding in the present day. With the help of the Priest and a Delorean, we go back in time to when they first met in 1994. From here, it's a crazy ride back to the present day where we find out if the two are really destined to be together!
With the help of Pharrell Williams, Miley Cyrus, Eminem and many more, we tell this hilarious and delightful story of how Jack O'Lantern met the love of his life.

The Food

Witches In Briches takes great pride in the quality, selection and presentation of our dishes. We always ensure that our ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. We are constantly complimented on our delicious dishes, providing our guests with meals prepared by our highly talented chefs. Our chefs work tirelessly to create bursting with flavour and texture to make your dining experience as wicked as possible.
Our signature entrée, ‘Witches Curse’ is a delectable home-made pumpkin soup, topped with herbs picked straight from the old hag’s garden, served by our Witches straight from the bubbling cauldron. Your Witchy Waitresses will then present you with your main course options. Providing variety for our guests, we offer 4 main course options; including a delectable vegetarian option. Special Dietary requirements can be catered for. Please make us aware of your special requests when booking.
During the interval, the witches serve you scrumptious desserts. If you are celebrating a special occasion, please let us know! The witches and Warlocks at Witches and Briches love to celebrate with cake and lots of singing and dancing! Specially designed cakes can be purchased to make your night extra special! To top off all of that deliciously wicked food, we provide you with your preferred bubbling beverage (tea or coffee) to enjoy once the curtain closes.



Great entertaining cast
makes for a great night out
Meet the rest of the team
just kidding
Cage of death disco
dance till the early hours of the morning
Plenty of suprises
great for all ages
Every corner tells a story
keep your eyes peeled
Great venue
great atmosphere
Fantastic comedy
plenty of laughs
We even sing a few songs
just to keep you smiling

Witches In Britches Theatre Restaurant

Great entertaintment & great food, means a great night out.
Ph: (03) 9329 9850
E: enquiries@witchesinbritches.com.au
A: 84 Dudley Street, West Melbourne, VI, 3003
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