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A night out at Witches In Britches will surely leave you in a state of hilarious stitches. As soon as you walk into this castle like structure you are greeted with a cast of witches reminiscent from the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show. Their superb outfits are only matched by their striking expressions and before long you are cast into a world of fantasy and mystery.

After having a few minutes to take in the surroundings and purchase your first of probably many alcoholic beverages from the highly decorated and lively bar staff, you are ushered into the main theatre arena where you are shown to your seats by equally engaging and ghastly looking wait staff. It is at this point in the nights proceedings when you are given the opportunity (especially if in a large group) to take photos with the cast members in an adjacent room, laden with medieval props to maintain the witches theme.

Zen K
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Witches In Britches Theatre Restaurant

Great entertaintment & great food, means a great night out.

Ph: (03) 9329 9850

E: enquiries@witchesinbritches.com.au

A: 84 Dudley Street, West Melbourne, VI, 3003

Flagstaff train station is a 5 minute walk from Witches in Britches! Alternatively, catch a tram up William St and hop off at Dudley st, next to the Victoria Markets. Or, there's always the option of flying here on your broomstick!

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