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Scobie Parker is a Melbourne Theatre company regular, with 'Skylight' and 'Life X3' among the best shows he has seen. Scobie joins the cast at Witches after a three-month Australian tour with Alpha Shows, playing Lumiere in Beauty and The Beast. Scobie received three Victorian Drama League awards following a three-month tour of Victoria in 2016, with the VOAPF. Playing 'Major Bolton' in LATC 'Breaker Morant' saw Scobie grow a 1900 style moustache, which remains among his most proud stage moments. Often the leading man or trusty sidekick, Scobie likes to play comical roles dotted with dramatic turns at times, playing 'Tony Wendice' in 'Dial M for Murder'. Musicals feature often too, with the "dream role" of 'King George III' from 'Hamilton' inspiring him to stay on stage. He stays active with irregular TV appearances, documentary narrations and commercial voiceovers and a brief but brutal role in the feature film 'Tilt' (2016).