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Crazy Rich Witches

Witches in Britches presents our brand new show Crazy Rich Witches

Trixie and Dale and high school sweethearts. They know everything there
is to know about each other except just one little thing… Trixie is actually
a witch and her and her witch family are filthy rich! Trixie and Dale are
about to graduate from high school and plan to marry shortly after but
before they do, Trixie will need to get permission from her family!
Trixie’s mother, the Witch Queen, doesn’t want her daughter marrying an
ordinary human so she puts him to the test. From reality shows to events
from history, Dale travels everywhere (man) to prove his love for Trixie.
From Dire Straits to Justin Timberlake, from David Bowie to Amy
Winehouse, he really does go above and beyond! Will her mother let the
young lovers be together or will she make sure Dale stays history?!? Find
out in this hilarious new musical comedy from Witches in Britches!

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