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ApocoWitch – Opening Friday 27th May

Just when you thought it was safe to sneeze in public, the APOCOWITCH takes
place! Not long from now, 2 evil Witches cast a spell that rids the world of all
human life, leaving only themselves and their love of Costco.

What these Witches don’t know is that 3 humans have survived their spell and are living underground.
These humans decide to fight back! They hunt down the witches to try and win
back their world. Trying to convince them with all that was great, music, movies,
Cher, the Witches aren’t wavering in their decision BUT one human finds a power
all their own that may just bring back their world and their lives!

Opening 27th May – Tickets on sale.

Tickets available via:
☎️ 03 9329 9850