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Bora stumbled into Tango by chance 14 years ago and she immediately knew that she was in it forever.

Bora sees Tango as the dance of True Love, uniting the two most powerful forces in nature: Intimacy with an Other and Expression of the Self. She has been exploring not only the role of the ‘follower’ and the way its female energy can be powerful and expressive without disrupting the creation of the leader, but also the role of the ‘leader’ and the way that its male energy can provide much more than just direction and steps but also protection and human warmth.

While Bora has chosen tango as her only art form, she has been inspired in her ideas by many different dance styles as well as various athletic disciplines and loves to find ways to make tango body technique more powerful and more efficient, while preserving the fundamental ‘essence’ of the dance and the beauty of the embrace. After years of searching, she has finally found the partner of her dreams, Jake and works with him every day to develop their art and travel deeper inside her Self and toward Love.