84 Dudley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003 +61 (03) 9329 9850


Hailing from Australia by way of Sweden and Indonesia and with a background in music and martial arts since the age of 5, Jake is proud to always represent Argentine Tango Grand Master Fabio Robles who taught him to dance from 2007 and onwards. He took first place as an Amateur in the 2009 Australian Tango Championship.

Since then he has competed, coached and performed professionally at major international Tango Festivals, and has worked in and headlined many touring tango shows including One Night in Buenos Aires, Ole Ola, Tango X and Twilight Tango.

Jake dances only Argentine Tango full time, continuing to study with the world’s leading artists and learn from his greatest inspiration and partner Bora. Together they love to dance a style of tango which is built on mutual freedom, deep love and uncompromising movement quality.