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Michelle first experienced Tango in 2011 while visiting Argentina for the first time. She was captivated at first glance by this passionate and mesmerising dance. For her it represented a large part of what life is all about; love, commitment, trust, connection, intimacy and also sadly, to a large extent what many people are missing.

Upon returning to Australia, she attempted to learn the tango, but with no dance background found it difficult to find the connection and essence of the dance. Tango is a cultural and folkloric dance which was still relatively new in Australia and as the saying goes it takes two to tango.

In 2015 she met her life and now dance partner Fabio Robles. As a dancer and choreographer he taught her from the beginnings the tango and as a result they have been teaching and dancing together, both nationally and internationally since 2018. Some of their work includes performances for the Argentine Embassy in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney and partaking in the International Tango Summit In Los Angeles.

Michelle now knows there is so much more to tango than what she initially thought. It’s not just about love, commitment, trust, connection and intimacy but also confidence, strength, fun, exploring and so much more. Tango is a way of life