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The experience, her powerful and melodic voice, her exquisite stage direction, the way of interpreting the lyrics of the tangos, etc., assure you that you will always have before you the best tango singer who has managed to move thousands of hundreds who have lucky enough to enjoy it. This Artist born in the City of San Luis, Argentina, began to travel the path of singing and tango, when she was only 16 years old, she had the joy of sharing the stage with  “Alberto Castillo”, since then in forward, she continued his career in a staggered manner. Maestro Armando Caló called her to be the female voice of her orchestra and she toured Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela together with that company whose name was: “Argentina Tango Review”. She received the Golden Condor from the directors Teté Coustarot and Silvio Soldán, at the International Tango Festival. Later she was hired by the producer “Luis Cella”-(Also producer of Susana Gimenez), to perform a Tango Show EL TANGO Y EL VINO for three months and, due to the overwhelming success of that work, she performed 700 consecutive nights of Tango. , receiving the highest award for best tango performer and best tango work “Stage Award”. She made several tours through Chile, Brazil, French and Dutch Antilles, Indonesia, Australia, etc. He is currently based in the City of Geelong- Australia where -WHILE THE SAD SITUATION OF THE PANDEMIC IS PASSING- HE DECIDED TO GET EVEN MORE COMMITTED TO HIS PUBLIC and bring joy to thousands of listeners and followers from all over the world, offering them his tours online. virtual through live presentations every 15 days with a duration of one hour, where you can interact with the public and followers of Colombia, Los Angeles-USA, Miami USA, Calgary Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Japan, Chile, etc. In the year 2020 she was named “Godmother of the 1st World Milonguero Festival”. She received the great distinction as “Outstanding Personality that Transcends Borders”, from Porto Alegre- Brazil; He received the National and International Award “Obelisco de Oro” for his commendable work as a Tango Singer, He received the National and International Award “Gaviota de Plata” for his long career as a Tango Singer, He received the “Flor Nacional de Uruguay Award, He received the “Estrella Argentina Mundial” award as Ambassador of Tango in the World. She received the Special Recognition at the Celebration of Mother Tongues in Australia for being the only representative of the Spanish language, a recognition granted by the Bangladeshi community. She is the only singer of the main theme of the Celebration of 30 years of Mercosur receiving the diploma with the recognition of the 4 Ambassadors that make up Mercosur: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

– The stage domain of this artist is impeccable, managing to capture the attention of the public in each interpretation

-He manages to move with each tango. He considers that each tango is a play that lasts 3 minutes, so his ability to transmit a tango is exquisite.

-Her title as a singing teacher, her training in scenic art, working with discipline, conduct and dedication, have achieved the professionalism that has always characterized her until now. She works alongside the best professionals in each area (musical, dance, singing and theater). Without losing details and working meticulously, she is on a par with each one and in a personal way with every detail to capture on stage the highest quality of her Tango Shows.

In 2008 she hosted her own television program “Tango Osado” from the province of Mendoza.

Since then she directs the radio program “El tango uniendo cultures” on the radio platforms Tinta de Escritores, and Radio América.

She sang in the show “Los Cedros” in San Luis capital. Her version of the Argentine national anthem to the rhythm of tango and milonga .

One of the highlights of her career was when she sang a duet with Julio Iglesias “My way” in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic