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Bora stumbled into Tango by chance 14 years ago and she immediately knew that she was in it forever.

Bora sees Tango as the dance of True Love, uniting the two most powerful forces in nature: Intimacy with an Other and Expression of the Self. She has been exploring not only the role of the ‘follower’ and the way its female energy can be powerful and expressive without disrupting the creation of the leader, but also the role of the ‘leader’ and the way that its male energy can provide much more than just direction and steps but also protection and human warmth.

While Bora has chosen tango as her only art form, she has been inspired in her ideas by many different dance styles as well as various athletic disciplines and loves to find ways to make tango body technique more powerful and more efficient, while preserving the fundamental ‘essence’ of the dance and the beauty of the embrace. After years of searching, she has finally found the partner of her dreams, Jake and works with him every day to develop their art and travel deeper inside her Self and toward Love.


Fabio Robles had already obtained the prestigious qualification of Profesor Superior de Danzas Folklóricas Argentinas before he migrated to Australia in 1981. Largely responsible for the Latin dance culture in Australia, Fabio Received a Centenary Medal from Queen Elizabeth the II. Played a major role in the Blockbuster movie Ghostrider with Nicolas Cage, performed in Australia’s major theatres including Sydney Opera House – Melbourne Arts Center.

Choreographer at the Opening of Crown Casino, Elton John- Kylie Minogue.

New Zealand Tango Festival 2004 – 2012, dancer, choreographer
ONE NIGHT IN BUENOS AIRES Tour, Australia and New Zealand, 2007 – 2008 Dancer/ choreographer/ Director
Original Cast member DIRTY DANCING Musical, 2004 – 2005 Australian Tour Choreographer / dancer / singer. 500 shows.
Tania Kassis, Australian tour, 2014, Dancer/choreographer (Sydney Opera House)
OLE OLE Australian/New Zealand tour, 2011, dancer choreographer/Director
Australian Tango Champion, Sydney Opera house, 2005/2006/2008
World Tango Championship, Argentina, Luna Park, Finalist 2005/2006/2008
Melbourne symphony orchestra, Astor Piazzolla concert, 2002, dancer/choreographer.
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, TANGO, dancer, choreographer.
WOMAD FESTIVAL New Zealand, 2007, dancer
DANCING WITH THE STARS, Warner Brothers Choreographer 2007 -2021
SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Freemantle media (Channel 10 Australia) choreographer/dancer 2007 – 2014
CITA Tango Festival, Buenos Aires, Performer
TANGOS PREMIOS, Buenos Aires, Judge.


Rina together with Nadim are Directors of their Tango School, Tango Esencia, located in Richmond.

They are invited to teach and perform Australia wide and internationally.

Rina and Nadim have been invited to perform at prestigious dance halls in Buenos Aires such as La Baldosa, Fruto Dulce, as well as in Tokyo, and also perform at iconic venues such as the Melbourne Recital Centre, State Library, award winning Argentinian Restaurants as well as at art, wine and film festivals.

Rina is also known for her work teaching Tango to people with Parkinson’s and works tirelessly to continue to evolve the Parkinson’s Tango Program to benefit the health and well being of participants. She has been involved in various University studies and research projects, and her work has been shown on national TV.